Project 5- Artist Inspirtation/Open Concept

Powerpoint Presentation:

Cory ArcAngel PwrPnt

Please click link below to watch video:


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Project 4- GIF

Please click space above.. First image is pure white, that’s why its not visible

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Project 4- Narrative Animation

Animation 1

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As promised…

Project 3 Slideshow 1

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Dear Class..

I have to apologize, as I was not fully prepared for the project 3 critique… I will have my project posted in full soon, thank you for your patience. Have a nice week!

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Response to Collabrative Class Effort

When I first look at our collaborative effort, my eye is immediately drawn to the center which I see as the Seanchi picture, which is the story teller telling tales of the surrounding pictures that branch off and evolve as they continue to move farther out from the center. The top left part of the upper curve on the S leads my eye off to the left of the Seanchi picture, and into  the crossroads picture which I think creates a pathway or roadmap that can lead to several different destinations though out the entire collaboration. Going directly downward you can get lost in the infinity of open space that if you follow it down to the bottom corner, it makes an arrow that points to the center of the path with my picture that states “the wise, who live free from pleasure and pain, are worthy of immortality.” But right next to the space picture are fancy words like bling, success, glamour, etc. which is an interesting contrast between material value and high status vs. non-materiallity and finding value in nothing (empty space). But across a small gap between the crossroads lies the question of fear, and whether it is greater to fear your ability to be inadequate, or your ability to summon power beyond measure? One must first take the leap of faith across that gap, and stop being inadequate, to reach their greater potential. From this point there’s three places to go: upwards, which will send you to a fragile place that can lead to fragmented words that can be interpreted or misinterpreted in many ways, you  can go north west, and blow your self up to epic proportions and destroy part of the world, you can continue east and encounter a place that seems to be a dim and transmogrified view of things but either you can push through to the far side and burst out where you find a red passionate place that is clearly attentive and beautiful, or you can side step the dim, transmogrified world and even though the attentiveness may not be as apparent, the passion is present and shines through until life is reborn and can blossom into something even greater, or is shut down and brought to a place where a colorless person looks longingly out the window and wishes for something better. Since the outer limits of the left side have been reached, my attention is drawn again to the center where the story can be told in a different direction. Directly north is a short journey that leads first to an awkward stop of judge me all you want, just keep the verdict to yourself, which is an unspoken agreement between most regular people which can be characterized as “bird brained” by the peacock standing on top of the faces head. Just a small gap over from this is facebook man, which in some ways can be rather bird brained aswell when people post every little detail of their life for the world to see, (maybe its just me!) which I see this as a weaker argument, then the “judge me all you want” statement, which I see as similar to how a chicken can never be a peacock which is just one more step downwards. On the opposite route from the Seanchi, I see the shoes hanging downwards like a gradual decline leading into the avenue of evolving urban culture. Continuing straight down leads to diverse culture and new unexplored ideas (cows eye picture), or in a south-easterly direction leads to fresh ideas or really, different styles of expression (Imogen heap picture). Crossing the gap to the east of this we find a very futuristic, geometric green haired man (connected by a money matrix), that leads to school spirit, which are examples of styles of expression. The final branch coming off the Seanchi is the dream branch directly east that has dreams of great things, achievements, poesetions, or really anything desirable. Underlying these dreams is an interesting contrast of this idea that even one day if these dreams become realities, there will be an elegant degradation to all of them, as all things that are created, must also be destroyed. Through the channel of dreaming for desirable things, an abrupt idea is cast if you are to move directly along the course of following those dreams, this idea that “there is no identity in identical” that one must realize that everyone desires nice things, and its important to stay true to yourself and not become like everyone else and in stead, finding your own way to your road to success. The rest becomes an interesting blend of ideas addressing looking at the raw meat of (spectating artistically) how “ideal” women are portrayed in our society, also tieing a little into the idea that money buys happiness. Overall, there are several very interesting connections created by the combination of our pieces, and I cant wait to see what others have come up with so we can discuss it!

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Self Critique- Project 2

       To start, for this project I had a cool experience figuring out how I wanted to do it. At first I didnt really understand how to do the project, as i wanted to examine the relationship between cost and freedom. But after talking it over with the professor it became clear that my orginal train of thought would have worked better if the project was more focused on the relationship between the two final compositions, but instead, the heart of this project lies in the translation of the original inspiration into the new resulting composition. The relationship between the final two compositions is really more of just a bi-product of the translations. Thus realizing just how this project actually is supposed to work, my original idea didn’t seem right, but fortunately, inspiration came to me for both compositions.

Image based Composition

          For this piece, the inspiration was mainly the first two lines of the quote “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our greatest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure”. This is a phrase that in my belief structure comes around frequently, but I guess I never really knew what it meant. Once it hit me that was the “text” I wanted to base my image composition on I started contemplating what it meant to me and how I could try to translate and describe these words through and image. Overall, im quite pleased with how this one turned out. I wanted to personify the concepts of “inadequacy” and “power beyond measure” and so the defeated looking man and the winged man in my mind represent these ideas. I enjoy the horizontal force that is captured in this piece, not only in the positioning of the two personified characters but also in the darkness to light in the same manner (bottom left to upper right corner). I also am partial to the dark mountain ridge the defeated man is hiding behind; to me it represents a breaking point where things start to get lighter from there on out.

Text  based composition

       For this piece, I had a harder time coming up with this one. I was having trouble identifying an image that I wanted to translate to text. Then I re-read the assignment which helped out. One of the main objectives of this assignment is to look at the roles semiotics and linguistics play and how they relate to one another. What I came to realize was behind every image we see there is an underlying concept that is running in our minds. so since I was having trouble finding inspiration in the pictures I had collected, I decided to start with a concept, pick an image that best describes the concept, and turn it back into text. so the concept I decided upon was temptation. I then asked myself, what image best represents this idea, and naturally the story of Adam and Eve came to mind. To me the apple represents an object that captures the essence of temptation and so from here I had to figure out how to make it into a text composition. I took a picture of an apple orchard, lined with baskets of apples, to represent temptation being all around and ever available, but what did I want to lay over this image? This is the cool part. I ended up grabbing a book off my bookshelf at random and opened it to page 35, where right in the middle of the page was my quote “The wise, who live free from pleasure and pain, Are worthy of immortality”. Perfect right! So it was a meant to be thing! But in the image I like the use of saturated vs. non saturated colors to make the apple baskets stand out more, creating emphasis and focal points throughout. I also like the use of the path way going off into the distance, it gives off the feel that the path goes on forever and temptation (apples) will always be there at every turn.

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